A renovation project in Exarcheia, Athens, GR.

The project was challenging as the new design had to conform as much to the existing layout.

Part of the kitchen wall was demolished and rebuilt out of glass blocks in order to illuminate the small and dark kitchen. The curved corner of glass blocks allows the feeling of smoothness and enlargement of the dining space to emerge. Our intention was also to preserve, as possible, the existing, timeless materials of the apartment: the mosaic and wooden floors. The new floor in the kitchen is a contemporary approach to the mosaic floor, constructed out of slabs of mosaic, while matching the color palette of the rest of the flooring. The black kitchen furniture matches the color palette of the floor, while the white worktop and tiles illuminate the space. Within the bedrooms, the old wardrobes were demolished and new wardrobes were custom made and repositioned.

The lighting of the apartment is made of spot and hidden linear lighting. Particular attention was paid to the sleeping and office areas, where the lighting details were designed to order.

Artwork © Eva Mitala
Sculpture © Telis Sofianopoulos, Afroditi. Plaster.