Maria Bessa is a Partner and Director at BESSA+S. She has studied Architecture & Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens (2006) and is a registered architect in Greece. She received her Master of Architecture from the Architectural Association (2008) and completed a postgraduate course in Computing and Design at the University of East London, UEL. She has worked as a computational designer in the R&D group of AEDAS Architects in London, where she was responsible for developing parametric and performance-based design solutions. She is currently working as an Associate Researcher at the Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications in the National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos” in Athens. At the same time, she is pursuing a PhD at the NTUA School of Architecture. She has taught courses in Video Games design programme in a public Vocational Training Institute. Her work has been awarded in architectural competitions and has been published at the AD Architectural Design magazine for John Wiley & Sons Ltd.



    Georgios Bessas is a Partner and Director at BESSA+S. He was born in 1983, grew up in Orhomenos, Viotia, Greece. Nowdays, he is married and a father of two.
    He completed his undergraduate degree in School of Civil Engineering, NTUA (2005) with a diploma thesis on Real Estate Development and Project Management. He fulfilled a Master’s Degree (MEng) in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT (2006 GPA 4.8/5). Worked for Ministry of Public Works on a Pro Bono basis, and after completing military service he founded an independent technical office based in Orchomenos city.
    Apart from the above mentioned professional activity, Georgios is also the co-founder and CEO of Bessas & Partners OE company (2010). The Company’s headquarters is located in Chalandri, Attica, Greece and is active in the fields of valuation, energy and consulting.
    Georgios Bessas is also an adult educator and Autodesk instructor. He is working for many Vocational Training Institutes (IEK), both private and public, as well as for Laboratories of Liberal Studies (EES). He has been certified from EOPPEP (National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance), OAED (Greek Manpower Employment Organization) and Autodesk.
    Thanks to a broad experience in the relevant fields, he successfully passed the state examinations for the following certifications:
    Finance Ministry’s Registry of certified valuers, TEGoVA Expert Property Valuer REV-GR/AVAG/2018/14. Partner with ALPHA and National Bank. Member of SEKE:0406 ( and ELIE(’14) (
    Ministry of Energy Building Inspectors Registry Member (2012) No 5669 (
    Supervising Building Inspector, class B’, member No:890. Registered according to 823/09.04.2012 Ministerial Decision.
    Autodesk Certified Associate (
    EFEPAE National Registry of Evaluators (’12)
    National Registry of Certified Inspectors for investment projects
    CRES’s catalogue for PhotoVoltaic design and construction companies (’12)
    ESCO registered companies(