2nd prize International Competition by ARCH TRIUMPH

The fashion industry divides fashion shows into two types based on the nature of garments to be displayed. A “prêt a porter” show is for the ready to wear clothes collection and “haute couture” is to display potential and experimentation in fashion design. Lately there has been a third, alternative type developed outside the fashion shows known as “street style” to display ones own sense of fashion.

In an attempt to choreograph prêt a porter/street style and haute couture into a seamless design brief, this proposal offers the opportunity to the tourist visitor to wear and model clothes from the prêt a porter collection while wandering around the Colosseo and to watch an haute couture fashion show with professional models.  Tourists, visitors and street style journalists meet at the prêt a porter walk to discuss ideas, clothes and fashion. As they walk around their photographic projections are displayed directly onto the sculptural tensile fabric which “in section” separates the program of the prêt a porter and that of the haute couture show.

The new sculptural element also acts as a translucent roof to the monument allowing for the supporting program and services, such as café, restaurants etc, to be distributed freely around existing spaces and ruins between the Colosseo floor plans.