Energy Services

Energy Services

As a conductor is to an orchestra, Energy Inspectors is to energy consulting.

We provide guidance on sustainable building practices, techniques, and building science education and implementation to assist our partners in achieving a sustainable and energy efficient project. Energy Inspectors takes a savvy, comprehensive approach to energy consulting and commissioning that will prevent delays, increase cap rate and building durability, and reduce the operating costs.

Our goal is to meet the requirements of each individual owner and ensure every building is successfully completed on scope, schedule, and budget. We focus on risk mitigation so our clients can focus on their business. Our extensive experience in energy modeling, commissioning, and quality assurance ensure we provide the best possible solutions.

We believe the comfort of a home is of the utmost importance. Concealed in the walls and ceilings, the HVAC system is the heart of the home and must work efficiently and effectively so as to go unnoticed by the residents.

Our energy consulting services include:

  • Energy audits and certificates
  • Energy studies
  • Photovoltaic systems
  • Wind turbines
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Participation in any third party, above code sustainable programs or internal programs as required for each project.


We are honored to share that Bessa+S is now successfully listed in the register of Energy Services Companies. After over a decade of practising in energy projects the company received registry number 50 in the database of Ministry of Environment & Energy.
Congratulations to the design team, the owners, the contractors and all participants in the project!
Please find attached the acknowledgement of registration.

image1Energy inspectors participate in the implementation of Programs like Exoikonomisi kat’ Oikon, ESPA,  Boilers Exchange for Natural Gas and the Legalization of unauthorized buildings, by carrying out two energy inspections. Their contribution towards ensuring appropriate implementation of the Program is very important since:

  1. an Energy Inspection is required prior to the application for approval in the program
  2. an Energy Inspection is required following the implementation of the interventions.

The legalization of unauthorized buildings program gives the owner the chance to Apply Energy Saving Technologies in buildings with unauthorized construction works, in exchange for reduced legalization fees.